British cat: How to Name a British Kitten Girl

The British cat is a large animal with robust bones and a massive trace. However, men have all these advantages to a greater extent. British cats are much more majestic creatures. These qualities should be considered when choosing the name of a girl kitten that you brought home.


   .Step 1

If you are buying a purebred kitten, contact the breeder about which letter of the alphabet the pet name should start with. You have time to choose the appropriate nickname. When your imagination is exhausted, open a dictionary or encyclopedia -you may find the correct sounding word there. Please note that in addition to the name, your pedigree cat will also have an “extension”, which indicates the place of residence from which you took it.

  • Step 2

Look at the kitten. Sometimes your baby’s appearance will tell you what it can be called. The name may reflect funny habits or peculiarities of the pet’s appearance. Popular technology is a nickname that indicates the color of the animal. Call in the creamy Briton Blondie, then the white Snow White, the silver-grey name Sylvie or Gray.

  • Step 3

Take the example of the stars of Hollywood – immortalize in the name of your favorite the day it came into your life or the day of your birth. The June cat can be called Young or June, December – Christmas, the one born in the spring – Martha or Maya.

  • Step 4

It’s not a bad idea to give your pet a name in honor of a famous person – this technique is prevalent abroad. The nickname Marilyn, Cleopatra, and Lady Dee will suit the beautiful British woman.

  • Step 5

Selenologists believe that cats are partly promising, soft-spoken, and repetitive. Names like Fifi, Cecile, Lilith or Marie should suit your favorite.

  • Step 6

English names are very suitable for the British cat. Choose short and quiet words from one or two syllables – it will be easier for the cat to remember them. Chelsea, Annie, Dusty, Sophie, Fluffy, Katie, Princesses, and Quinine are popular among English and American cat owners. Try one of your favorites – maybe she likes it.

British cat
British cat
  • Step 7

Do not choose a name that sounds like another animal living in the house or the name of one of the household members. For example, if your son’s name is Vasily, do not call the cat Vassa – the animal will constantly make mistakes and eventually, it will simply stop answering the call.


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