Fold Cat: How to Name a Fold Cat

Scottish Folds are very original cats. Touching drooping ears and giant eyes give their faces a childish look. At the same time, the adult animal was distinguished by its dense shape, solid bones and silky soft wool. When choosing a name for a future Fold Cat, consider all the characteristics of unusual appearance, color and character.


Step 1Choosing a cat name is a responsible business. It is imperative that all households like the nickname. Invite them to a contest – have everyone write interesting nicknames on scraps of paper and put them in a hat or purse. The youngest in the family should draw a piece of paper with the name that your pet will wear. However, if it does not suit the others unequivocally, it must react to the tournament.

  • Step 2

If you have a pedigree boiler, it already has a name. But in everyday life, you can call your pet another way. Barbary’s Star of the East or Flower field Jay can become champions of the genre and win prizes at shows, but it will be more convenient for them to be called Barbarian or Flay at home.

  • Step 3

Evaluate the baby’s appearance. Scottish Fold kitten, growing up, will keep its cute face. That’s why funny, touching, smaller pet names are pretty suitable for him.

  • Step 4

Have trouble choosing the right words? Look up encyclopedias and dictionaries for original ideas. An excellent option for a Scottish kitten is emphasizing its “foreign” origin with the nickname. Name the funny black and white animal Duncan and the red-haired baby Guinevere. When they grow up, the original names will suit them very well.

  • Step 5

Avoid very complicated and long words – the cat cannot understand that you are referring to him. Two to three vowels with repeated vowels are ideal. According to cat experts, kittens love particular sounds and hissing sounds. Simple but catchy words like “Chips”, “Lily”, and “Delilah” are perfect for the animal.

Fold Cat
Fold Cat
  • Step 6

Do not call the cat by a nickname similar to other animals living in the house. He may get confused and stop answering the call. Call the kitten by name only once you have chosen the appropriate nickname. Do not distort it, do not add shrinking suffixes until the animal gets used to it.


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