What is a Horse Pole Caddie?

A horse pole caddy is a helpful device for storing your poles. In addition to being a piece of excellent equipment for holding your jump poles, a horse pole caddy also helps keep your ring clean and tidy. Learn how a horse pole caddy works, the benefits of one, and how to install one.

Horse jump poles and tack for horseback riding can be kept in a wall caddy. Hooks are included with a wall caddy to make removal and storage simple. Tigertrap wall caddies can handle six horse jump poles at once.

Jump pole wall caddies are an excellent method to store your jump poles while not in use. Walls are frequently painted in your company’s colors or with its emblem to complement the horse jumps. Another fantastic addition to the wall caddies is planks, which can be inserted into the open pole cups to form a barrier. They’re also simple to swap out, so you may alter the horse jump’s appearance and feel whenever you like.

Keeping your ring tidy with a horse pole caddy

A horse pole caddy is a great way to keep your jumping ring organized and clean. In addition, a caddy will prevent the poles from getting dirty, making it easy to select a pole as needed. Mobile pole caddies are designed to fit 2000 pounds of equipment and can be pulled by a tractor or medium-sized four-wheeler. They also come with a tow bar for easy transport.

Benefits of a mobile jump pole caddy

One of the advantages of horse jump poles is their ease of use. These devices are straightforward to use and can be set up in minutes. They are great for maximizing your horse’s exercise session by providing endless opportunities to exercise your horse’s legs and improve its balance. It’s essential to place the poles carefully, so they approach the ground in a balanced fashion to get the most out of them. Ideally, there should be about four inches of soil on either side of the poles.

Another advantage of a mobile horse jump pole caddy is its portability. It is ideal for use at competitions and events where poles must be moved around a lot. It can be pulled behind a medium size four-wheeler or tractor and carry up to 2000 pounds of poles. It also has a tow bar to make it easier to pull when moving.

It also comes in handy when you need to use multiple poles simultaneously. For example, you should practice zigzag patterns or set up four poles in a row in a zigzag pattern. Regardless of your chosen setup, you’ll want to ensure adequate space for the poles to work off the rail.

Horse Pole Caddie
Horse Pole Caddie

How to install a horse pole caddy

The first step in installing a horse pole caddy is to ensure that you have the correct height poles. You should purchase poles that are 9 to 12 inches tall. You can also place an old carpet on the ground to act as a ground line. This ground line will help desensitize your horse to the competition jumps. Ensure the ground line is at least four inches on both sides of the pole for the most effective placement.

Most horse pole caddies are mobile, but some are wall-mounted or fixed. Wall caddies have hooks to hang the poles and are safe for transport. Some are even designed to hold up to six poles at one time. They can also be used for storage while not in use.

A horse pole caddy is not a substitute for horse-friendly fencing. However, it can help prevent horse-female incompetence by making the jumps easier for the horse. Moreover, it prevents the horse from rushing the fences.

The next step in installing a horse pole caddy is to place the pole at the right height. Ensure the pole is at least 2.5 meters away from the first fence. A horse-sized pole is generally eight to nine feet high and needs to be positioned at least eight feet in front of the first fence.

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