Fold Cat: How to Name a Fold Cat

Name a Fold Cat

Scottish Folds are very original cats. Touching drooping ears and giant eyes give their faces a childish look. At the same time, the adult animal was distinguished by its dense shape, solid bones and silky soft wool. When choosing a name for a future Fold Cat, consider all the characteristics of unusual appearance, color and … Read more

British cat: How to Name a British Kitten Girl

British cat

The British cat is a large animal with robust bones and a massive trace. However, men have all these advantages to a greater extent. British cats are much more majestic creatures. These qualities should be considered when choosing the name of a girl kitten that you brought home. Instructions    .Step 1 If you are … Read more

Scottish Cat: How to Name a Scottish Cat

Name a Scottish Cat

The name given to the kitten must correspond to the pet’s temperament, appearance, and sex. The Scottish cat is cute and funny, but they behave like real nobles, so the name should reflect their dual nature. Instructions Step 1Follow tradition when choosing a purebred Scottish cat name. Cattery where you get the kitten, will tell … Read more

Leash: How to Fix a Leash

Fix a Leash

Cats have long been believed to walk on their own. Meanwhile, many owners of purebred animals do not want to let their pets out on the street unattended and prefer to walk on a leash like dogs. Must adequately fasten the leash; otherwise, the cat does not want to walk. Leas, it is necessary. > … Read more

Cat ears

Cat ears

Standing straight, flat, or turned back… Your cat ears can tell a lot about her emotions. Learn more about it and learn to understand your cat better! We all try to understand our cats. This is normal, as we want to listen to them to provide better care and good nutrition. Therefore, it is interesting … Read more

Cat wheel: why do cats need wheel?

Cat wheel

Choice and training all cats are natural predators and need to be active. However, domesticated pets can have different temperaments depending on the breed and character. Passive individuals prefer to spend most of their time alone. Active cats are often in motion, and for them, there is a special running cat wheel. This article will … Read more